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Key points you should know when managing your natural hair.

Key points you should know when managing your natural hair.

#1 You want to figure out the Texture of your hair strand. The texture is the width of the hair shaft determined by the diameter of the air strand. Examples of hair Texture would be Fine, Medium, and Coarse. It’s also good to know your surface texture when styling your hair. There are three types: rough and crinkly, silk and smooth, and cottony. Surface texture also determines how the hair will have a shine.

#2 You want to take into consideration the density of your hair. What is density you ask? The density is the number of hair strands per square inch. Also known as Thin, Medium and Thick-Dense. So, with thin (low density) hair you can easily see the scalp and the hair lacks in volume. With Medium (average density) hair the scalp is covered but the hair can be manipulated very easily. The volume of the hair is average. And With thick dense (high density) hair you can barely see the scalp and the hair strands are closer together creating a heavier appearance and more volume.

The average density is 2,200 hairs per square inch. Also, you shed 50-150 strands of hair depending upon density.

#3 Porosity is the ability to absorb the moisture. Which scales from low to high depending on the cuticle of the hair. Low porosity hair makes it difficult for water to be absorbed into the hair during the rinsing process. High Porosity hair is hair that absorbs moisture easily.

#4 Elasticity is the hairs ability to stretch and return back to its original length. You know your hair is healthy and hydrated when your hair is stretched, and it returns back to its normal position.

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