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Shampooing and conditioning your hair like a professional

Shampooing and conditioning your hair like a professional

Step 1: Clarifying is done with a clarifying shampoo to remove any dirt or build up on the hair and scalp. This step should only be done when needed. Someone who uses heavy butters, and oil based styles on the day to day basis would need to cleanse their hair and scalp. Also, individuals that have an active lifestyle. If you work out often, or if you have a job that is physically intense. For example, a police officer would need to clarify more often than someone who works in an office setting.

When shampooing your hair gently massage your scalp and work in a downwards motion massaging the shampoo down the hair shaft.

Step 2: This step is what you would do on the regular when shampooing your hair to remove the majority of your product, sweat, or debris from your hair. With this step you want to use either moisture, color or protein shampoo. You can also use problem solving shampoo depending upon your condition of your hair. For example; if your hair is dry you would use a moisturizing shampoo, or a cleansing conditioner also known as a co-wash. If you have color treated hair, and your hair feels dry you would want to use a color hydrating shampoo.

Step 3: With the hydrating step you want to use a rinse out conditioner or your favorite deep conditioner to help seal in the moisture (water). Make sure your hair is soaking wet when applying your conditioner. Start with your ends and work your way up. Once the conditioner is fully applied, split your hair into manageable sections, and start detangling it. Detangle your hair from the end to the roots either using your fingers or a wide tooth comb. Once you’re finished rinse your conditioner out make sure you use cool water to lock the moisture into the hair.

Final Step: Apply your desired styling products and style your hair as desired!!!

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